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Our livestock orders are shipped through WestJet Cargo or FedEx Priority Overnight where the service is available.

Please use the link below to check the Westjet's destinations and the flight schedule :

Air rates vary depending on where you live and how many fish you are purchasing, you need to contact us for the estimated shipping costs.

It is important that you are available at the delivery time in order to receive the fish on time.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We treat every fish in our care as if it was our personal pet. We only ship healthy fish and therefore, we reserve the right to delay a shipment for any reason if we believe that it is in the fishes’ best interest.


We ship your order on the date scheduled. The transit is now under the carrier’s hands. We will not be responsible nor liable for any loss of fish due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to weather, carrier delays, strikes, labor disputes, governmental actions, or acts of terrorism.

Fins8 guarantees that all fish shipped will arrive alive upon arrival. Should an issue during shipping cause the loss of a fish, we will refund the cost of the fish only. No refunds nor reimbursement for shipping costs will be made. 

Fish Death On Arrival - DOA

In order to receive credit for dead fish, we require the following: please CALL and EMAIL us NO LATER THAN TWO (02) HOURS of receiving the fish.

Please provide a proof by video taping the fish out from the box and have it placed in a clear container or fish tank that can clearly show any claimed issues or defects. The video of the fish in side the container or fish tank must focus on the gills to help identify if the fish is still breadthing.

Cancellation Policy

At Fins8, we make sure that the fishes are reserved in a separate tank as soon as payment is received. In any case that the customer chooses to cancel the order, we reserve the rights to take 15% of the total value of the fish that were ordered. Thus, refunding only 85% to the customer.​ As soon as the customer orders, he/she will have 24 hours of grace period to cancel order WITHOUT getting charged. Beyond that period, 15% will be taken from the total amount of the order.​ We are imposing this policy to ensure that the customers are totally aware of their purchases. Processing the fish for every order takes man power and time. Therefore, a cancelled order is already equivalent to a loss in time and man power.

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